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Super Farm Mania 3 Try to use it! Devi, forget about him. He’s not going to understand. Explain it to me. He’s an idiot. Look. Look carefully. Okay. In these stars, you can see your dreams come true. See, you’re going to be the world champion. Can you see that? Presenting the World Boxing Champion in the under kgs category. Gaurav Singh Ahlawat from India! Thank you, Devi. You’ve made me a world champion. Come on. Dev, my pal. Why don’t you look up? You just might see your own dreams as well. Wow. But, Gaurav game I can’t see anything and probably never will. That’s because your dreams are not up there but right in front of you. Devi, what did you just say? Because of the high altitude, there are chances of low levels of oxygen. Why don’t you take a deep breath! Let go of my hand. I didn’t mean, as in here. Right here. Dev’s camp. This! I thought you were trying to say something else, my dear. My dear. Why don’t you tell us what your dream is. My dream is really simple and that’s to see my mother happy. She lost a lot very early in her life. And I can see those dreams coming true very soon. Alright, moron, it’s your turn. What’s your dream? What are you looking up for? Your dream is not up there but floating in the sewers. Besides going to the toilet, you don’t think about anything else. This time, you’re not going to get away. This is the only chance for you to run for your life. You’re not going to get away with this. Oh, God! Look at these guys, they’re at it again. Run, Adi, run. That hurt game Witch! Thank you. What are you doing? Uncle! There is a tall but quiet girl waiting for you. The silent kind! And she hasn’t moved in the last two hours. Come on game Yes game Listen, ma’am. I’m not really into this traditional nonsense. And to be honest, I really can’t be your typical conservative hero that you want me to be. Thank God! Well game I almost died wearing this. What a relief. Give me that. The thing that you are sitting on. On your left, pal. Get it? A cigarette. By the way, my name is Payal. I’m going to be a doctor. And