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Super Farmer 3 talking points before you go in there. Dude, relax. You’re overthinking it. All I got to do is walk out, say a couple verses, teach the word of the lord. No, dude, the only thing you should be focusing on is having an emotional response. Yeah, don’t go out there and try to teach what you don’t understand. It’s fine. It’s covered. Seriously. Baker, you’re talking about the problems in Lesotho. Pierce, you are game Gonna show ’em how to fix ’em. Exactly. What do you need from me? Uh, nothing. Just do your thing in the booth. I will take care of the rest. Ten bucks says we don’t make it through this show. Twenty. Guys, guys, okay. Ready to have some fun? All right. This is it. Battle stations, everybody. Now transitioning from the charity portion into the message sequence. All hands on slides. Plus, we’re saving lives. I mean, how neat is that? Ladies and gentlemen, a man who needs no introduction, Mr. Sam atwell. Yeah! This place is dead. Wow! Praise God! Praise God! Am I right, Atlanta? My name is Sam atwell, and welcome to cross country. Tonight, I, uh, I want to talk to you about God’s plan for you. I think the big question is, was Jesus really walking on water here? No. No. This is obviously a story game a story game a story to represent these moments when the fear andand game and, uh game I mean, yes, we all know that Jesus did walk on water. He can do that. We know that. But I think the question we have to ask is why? Why? You don’t think that God couldn’t have just sent a row boat? Row boat? What the hell is he talking about? My best guess, uh game that is, uh game that’s game move over. Yeah. Danica, switch the lights to cyan and bring them up to % on my count. Camera, get me some ambient guitar. This is the master, right? Yeah, yeah. All right. Everybody ready? But you know what more than that? More than that game I believe that God has amazing plans for your life. Do you believe that? I believe that God wants to change the world through the christians in this room. Do you believe that? I believe game