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The ocean was the voice of Kazantzidis The stars were falling down Into the mud Time, a black streetwise guy and a black snake The heart was weaving at me ‘Get to know how the oil’s burning here And experience the journey’ This night remains Frozen for centuries For two souls that could not find a shelter And they came into the world as strangers And doomed To live an earthly love I’ve got your rebar, and I got some mint copper for you. Outstanding. What’s your E.T.A.? The boys are itching to hitch that scrubber to the rocket. Yeah, I’ll get there when I can. We’ll have some home brew waiting for you when you get here. Did you make it? Not this time. In that case, I will take some. Over and out. Nichols? You want the good or the bad? Surprise me. Okay. The rocket’s nearly ready. Atmospheric conditions are lining up quite nicely for launch. Starting this week, optimal conditions for the CO scrubbers will dominate this region for a -hour window. And the bad news? Even if the parts Barrick bring work, we still need more chassis components to weld the scrubber unit to the craft properly. We can get those from Salvation. Even so, we won’t be able to test the scrubbers before launch. You mean a dry run? Exactly. The scrubbers rocked the simulations. We were able to get CO levels down to pre-flood levels and then some, but as you know, there’s no substitute for actual testing. Why can’t we test it? We only have enough materials to run the scrubbers once. I thought we were making two sets of scrubbers. Once we got into it, we realized we only had enough material to make one. Okay, so we’ve only got one shot at this. Better make it perfect. And we’ll do our best to make that happen, but that takes time, and I’m afraid if we wait too long, we lose our launch window. Temperatures are increasing. We’re getting close to the point where the device may not have an impact, no matter how powerful it is. The sooner that we can get the scrubbers into the atmosphere, the better chance we have of reversing the warming trend. We didn’t come