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You know the penalty. Death! ORCS: For the Horde! For the Horde! For the Horde! For the Horde! GUL’DAN: Stop! You dare interrupt this judgment? We fought hard. Their warlock used your Fel against us. Only I can control the Fel! I see you and your men have survived. Perhaps Blackhand kept you safely away from the battlefield? Maybe he knows you’re weak, too. Do you wish to challenge me, little chieftain? I do not question, Gul’Dan. But the Fel is born of death. It must have a price. A price paid in lives taken. DRAKA: Will you hold your son? COOING DRAKA: He will be a great chieftain. Like his father. A born leader. I was no leader today. GIGGLING He challenges you already. If Gul’Dan can infect one as innocent as him, what chance do the rest of us have? Whatever happens. Whatever happens. I see you. This gate, who showed it to Gul’Dan? Who led him to Azeroth? Gul’Dan called him a demon. Did you see it? Not the face, but the voice. Like fire and ash. GATE OPENS GASPS CAWING I’ll be here if you need me. LATCH CLANGING Your mate. I could kill you before he even reaches me. Lothar? CHUCKLES He is my brother. The king is my mate. You’re the chieftain’s wife then. I suppose so. Then killing you would bring me even greater honor. Not among my kind. It is a cold night. I thought you might use these. It will warm you. SNIFFS More of our villages burn tonight. One of them is the village of my birth. I cannot imagine what horrors you have been through, Garona. But this doesn’t need to happen. We have had peace in these lands for many years now. Peace between races from all over the world. What is Games I can have it removed. There is a life here for you, Garona. With us. A life of freedom. If you want it. The Great Gate. “From light comes darkness “and from darkness light.” Well, that’s clear. “Ask Alodi.” Alodi. BOTH LAUGH It’s good to see trees again. And the snow. Even from a distance. Remember when we would track blood ox through the Frostwind Dunes? There was always meat, always life. You don’t think it’s strange that we lost