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I believe your friend knows the whereabouts of both. For some reason she’s being very evasive today. And I’m hoping you’ll tell me why. Look, I was just having a couple beers. Oh, yeah. Yeah, I see that. You got some ID? I got… school ID. Drinking underage, I guess? Yes, sir. “John Baker Junior.” “Sherwood School for Boys.” Graduating soon? June. I mean, if I graduate. If? Hate hearing that. Yes, sir. I tell you what I’m gonna do, John Baker Junior. I want you to call this number when she contacts you again. What do you mean, when she contacts…? Don’t tempt me not to trust you. John. Patty? Patty? J’ Tell her not to go J’ I ain’t holding on no more J’ Tell her something in my mind J’ Freezes up from time to time J’ Tell her not to cry J’ I just got scared, that’s all J’ Tell her I’ll be by her side J’ All she has to do is call J’ All she has to do is call J’ Tell her something in my mind J’ Freezes up from time to time Hi, Mom. Sonny. You OK? Oh, yeah. Come in. I’m sorry to wake you up. Oh, no, it’s fine. It’s… uh… We’re up. What the hell’s going on? I’ve got class at eight. I just wanted to… What do you mean, you got a class? I have a quiz in Spanish. So you’re going to class? Yeah, I guess I have to. How’d you get here? Here? Well, I hitched a ride. You stole a car from the school. I just returned it. Jesus, Dad, gimme a break. What kinda break did you have in mind? Parole at ? You’re not in jail. It’s the opportunity… I’m not wearing stripes, you mean? All right. We’ll call Steve Hunt. I don’t want to wake him up too. Sonny, could you just sit down? “Cuando el tiempo empieza a ponerse més célido después del inviemo frio…” Dr Paz? Hola. I’m sorry to interrupt. John was with me this morning. I hope you’ll excuse his being late. Oh, esta’ bien. Como Ies iba diciendo, Pedro tiene una casita en Ias montafias, donde él pasa sus veranos. Y tiene una huerta donde Ie gusta trabajar. IOué cultiva en su huerta? Sefior Phillips. Uh… E I cultiva zanahorias. Zanahorias. GQué més? Sefior Heinz. En ella, él cultiva Ios hongos.