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Super Friendly Hedgehog Male. Old. He used to have sgames. Used to? Yeah, he probably thinks he still does. Yeah. But hes arrogant, confident hell evade. Hes already made his first mistake. You really think six agents are gonna do it? Hmm? Tell me. Devereaux game Who were those men? Were they police? No. game sort of. Then who the hell are you? Who are you? What do you want? Let go of me! Shhh! Whats happening? I didnt do anything. I believe you but they wont. Now, if you want to walk out of here, youre going to have to trust me. Okay? Alice? Wait! You okay? Yeah. I knew youd call back. Youre losing your perimeter. Too many bodies moving. Youre losing control. Dont you want to know why I was in Moscow? What my orders were? Who sent me? Keep him talking. Why dont you come in, Devereaux, well talk about it. No. This is my scenario. I make the rules. Come on, kid. Just give me enough to keep it interesting. Maybe Ill make the mistake. You owe me that much. I dont owe you shit! J, give me your phone. Where am I? Come on, Mason. Where am I? The call is being broadcast through this phone. The scaner thinks Jakes phone is Devereauxs phone. Thats why he seems so close. How many people have you gameed, Mason? What? Now? Or in the next five minutes? You think about it sometimes? Maybe having a coffee? Or a screw? Or see a beautiful woman, or a child. Then remember all the lives youve taken. That way. It stops you cold, doesnt it? No, asshole. I sleep like a baby. Yknow, I dont get you Devereaux. Im the one you want. Why not take your shot? Tempting. Give away my position, though. Always willing to die for the cause, eh, Mason? Fear is the enemy. You taught me that. Yeah. Well I havent finished teaching you yet, son. And here I am about to take you down all the same. Youre not going to take me down, kid. Youre a blunt instrument at best. No perspective. No knowledge. Keep talking, old man. This is humiliating. Embarrassing. Just like in Moscow. Hmm? What is it, Mason. No one there to hold your hand? No one there to tell you to pull the trigger.