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Games When you said Hello, He didn’t say “Hello” back. It’s participates Games Very well. In real life, would you want to chat with the Thierry that we see in the video? Well not me. It’s true. Amiability is really something very useful in an interview. The idea here is to give a good feeling to the recruiter. During the interview, He tries to visualize you at the position, the way you will behave when you start working in the company. And this is very important, to show this amiability during the interview. I don’t know what you think of it? Yes, I Games I agree. Well. All right. What about his eyes? What is your opinion? He seeks Games He’s thinking. He looks like He’s not here. Even though he’s making an interview. OK. He gives the feeling that He doesn’t open up easily. He is slightly backing away, He doesn’t answer clearly. He looks like He doesn’t give it %. He doesn’t show if He cares. OK. The strength of the voice? Go ahead. I think that it is correct. Could you hear or not? Yes, we could hear well. Yes, we could hear it. I agree. The voice was okay. Not too strong. At times, it falls down, but still understandable. Very well. I actually thought it was not easy to hear. You couldn’t hear well? At the end, it was going down. OK. At times, yes. So let’s talk about the rhythm of the speech now. What do you think? It’s lazy. I think it’s lazy. OK. He answers too fast. He doesn’t take time to think. OK. Thank you. He doesn’t talk enough. Yes? OK. Are you of legal age? Minor? Legal age. Do you have an ID to prove it? A paper with your name? No, I have no papers. I need an ID, Sir. Something which proves your identity. If you please. If you want to be done with it quickly, put what you have in your pockets on the table. I don’t understand what you say. However, I do speak French. I’m asking you to empty your pockets and lay it on the table. OK, I’ll do it Games Thank you. My phone Games Games and my phone charger. This comes from us. Ah yeah? Yes, Sir. Really? And since when? You have been filmed in the store.