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It’s O.K its O.K. I am sorry Games I am sorry Games relax everything is going to be all right. Relax, it’s O.K. Aryan. OK I believe you Games I believe that you have not seen Nisha. Then whom did you see Aryan? Aryan did you see your father? You saw your father isn’t it, it’s good at least you remembered him. How do you know dad? I didn’t want to tell you. I did not know that your father is still alive in your memories. One day I got a phone from Jaslok Hospital that one old patient Games who is going to die wants to talk to me. I was not able to understand that Games Dad. There I went and I saw an old man Games who was counting his last seconds of life. It was that girl’s mistake. You will cure my son Doctor. Give him strength to start a new life in your talk show. Dad. And I have promised a dying man, whatever it takes. I will cure his son I will give Games him a new life to start again. You are very late in remembering your dad. Dad Games dad. O.K, it’s O.K If you want to do something for your dad Aryan then for him Games you must open all the shut windows of your life Games You will be completely cured in three months and then you can complete Games all dreams of your father. Aadi! Yeah! I don’t know how court has given permission to him. I still feel this man can be dangerous. Was! Now he is not dangerous. Let’s go, Aryan! Aryan Games here. Doctor, money? They are yours. Your dad had kept it for you. But what work will I do? You will only have to take this decision Aryan. You will only have to come and Games meet me on every Saturday without fail. And in three months you will be a changed man. All the best Aryan, take care of this mission. Doctor, thanks See you on Saturday Aryan. Hello. Where are you? No, in the morning Janhavi was there with me so Games I could not talk to you properly. Yes Games yes let’s meet Games yes very soon Games I will tell her every thing OK Listen I am just getting in the lift. I will call you back. Meet you in the evening. Same place got it bye. Reetu are there any casuals