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Come and have a look. Are you seeing what I’m seeing? A bunch of different shark species schooled together? I’ve never seen that before. Yeah. What’s that huge thing in the middle? That’s the mother of all sharks. How many people are living at Salvation? Over . That’s a big meal. That’s exactly the kind of thing that’s gonna draw them here. They’ve got shark nets around this place. If it’s sharks, my guys can handle that. Bring it on. We haul dozens of ’em out of the sea every day. Where do you think we get the oil for our lamps? Yeah, but these sharks Games these sharks are not normal sharks. I find it hard to believe an entire flotilla could be taken down by sharks. You better believe it. Okay. Let’s say I do. What are our options? We got over people here. Can we take ’em to your station at Vestron? We’re not set up for that. Then why’d you come here? You want something from us, but you not willing to help? Look, we’re a science station. We’re set up for or people max. It would take weeks to upgrade. Well, then I guess you people are gonna be working double-time. We could take some people to the HAARP substation. It’s been mothballed for over a year. How many people can you put over there? Maybe . What about the rest? Look, I would vote for that, but, you know, as long as you didn’t care about your machinery and all. Hey, I know these folks. They’re gonna strip it down for usable parts. Whose side you on? Everyone’s. I just take into account the nature of our rough-and-ready-type folks here, you know, myself included. Look, we’ll take people over there if we need to, but prepping the station takes time. We need to do something now. You have the shark nets. I would suggest beefing them up. Yeah, we don’t have the nets. What? We had to cannibalize them to build the expansion wing, okay? The kind of fishing we do round here, nets just get in the way. So what defenses do you have? We do what we do best. Moffat, relay it down the line. Get every able-bodied man down here now. Maybe we could just Games Now! Will do.