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I was about to strike. You reminded me of who I was. I am a cop. I don’t get it. Who’d admit to being an undercover? I’d love to be Little Bok again. The University suspended that professor for being What do you think this is? It’s a Human-story, my beat. PIease. Deepu Games Games you’ve been working here for onIy months. You’ve got to cIimb the wire Iike everyone eIse. I was a topper in my coIIege. I got a schoIarship to study journaIism. Deepu, pIease. Give it to SonaIi. I need someone with experience on this. SonaIi? I think she faiIed high schooI. Deepu, stop being a drama queen. Okay, sorry. Listen Games I’II do a better job. Trust me Games just this one story. Deepu, get back to work Games and stop disturbing me pIease. Namita! Namita! Deepu, stop it. HorribIe sari. Thank you. HeIIo aunty. Sorry? You forgot to switch the motor on. Yeah, sorry, I came in Iate. pm. Tenant must turn on the motor. Or there’II be no water. Turn it on again tomorrow at am. She reaIIy needs to get Iaid man. Down with professor Siras! Down with Siras! Throw him out! Throw him out! Professor Siras. It’s me! Open the door. Who is it? Who? Sridharan! Sit. Sit. The mosquitoes kept me awake aII night. Didn’t Iet me sIeep aII night. Some tea? No need for tea. I’II be Iate. Did you write the Ietter? Why shouId I write it? Whatever happened that night Games What’s done is done. It’s the past. Think about your future. Write the Ietter. What shouId I write? That you’re ashamed for whatever happened that night. That’s it. Give me an enveIope. Okay. You caII this an enveIope? I’II take one from my home. One more thing. Siras Games things are reaIIy bad on campus. Stay away from the campus for a whiIe. Did you hear me? Stay away from the campus! ”You found me worthy of Iove.” ”O heart Games stop beating so fast, I’ve found my destiny.” ”You found me worthy of Iove..” ”Yes, I accept your Games decision.” ”Yes, I accept your Games decision.” ”With every gIance, O beIoved I say thank you.” ”You gave me a pIace in your Iife.” ”O heart