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take them as fuel! INDISTINCT CLAMORING We will build a new portal! And when it is complete, we will bring through all of the Horde! SHOUTS SCREAMING Let me go first. MALE ORC SOLDIER: For the Horde! WINCING GROANS GASPS BIRDS TWITTERING IN DISTANCE GROANS LOUDLY With child? You dare bring that wachook into my warband? DUROTAN: Let me go, Blackhand! Draka! PANTING Push, little one. Push! SCREAMS HIGH-PITCHED SHRIEKING BLOWS WAILING GUL’DAN: A new warrior for the Horde. KING MAGNI: Lothar. Come. I’ve got something for you. What is it? A mechanical marvel. It’s a boomstick. Odd. PANTING Take water. You might want to head home, big man. Someone’s attacked one of your garrisons. Seems your king needs you, Commander. An entire garrison, and no one saw anything? We did find someone. He was searching the bodies here in the barracks. In the barracks? Finally! Are you in command? GROANS SPEAKING OTHER LANGUAGE MUFFLED SHOUTING LOTHAR: IN ENGLISH That’s the mark of the Kirin Tor. What are you doing in my city, spellchucker? Let me complete my examination of the body across the hall. Now, why would I do that? Within that body is the secret to your attacks. What was that? You must summon the Guardian. Medivh? It should be he who explains it. Only the King summons the Guardian. Get him to Goldshire. What kind of beasts? MALE STORMWIND OFFICER: Rumors, Your Majesty. How does a garrison of men disappear without a whisper? KHADGAR: The Fel. Or at least its influence. Is this him? Mmm-hmm. Your Majesty. CALLAN: Dad. Thank you, Sergeant. So, who are you, mage? My name is Khadgar. I am the Guardian novitiate. I was. I renounced my vows. LOTHAR: You mean, you’re a fugitive? I’m not hiding. Your Majesty Games I may have left my training, but I didn’t leave my abilities behind. I’ve sensed something. Dark forces, when it’s strong, it almost has a smell. Knowing that something so evil was so close, I couldn’t just ignore it. GUARD : Where has this happened? GUARD : Is this true? What’s going on out there? Smoke, sir. Southeast. Your Majesty,