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Watch yourself now. That’s right. Good, lad. Oh, Daddy ! Oh, Daddy, no ! You’ll be okay ! Daddy ! Quit pushin’ ! Dad ! Robert ! Robert ! There’s a kid dyin’ in there ! Give him some space ! There’s a kid dyin’ in there ! Shouting Shouts Stop it ! Stop it ! Irish pigs ! Man Shouts Gary ! Woman Screams Man Oh ! Oh ! Aaah ! Woman Screams Run, Ned ! Run ! Come on ! Run, will ya ? Shouting Where the were you ? What are these for ? They’re the keys to the gym. Come on. Where’s the petrol ? Helicopter Whirring Should never have taken that gear from him. Don’t even think about it, lke. He’s a wife and three children, Danny. Anything that belongs to the cops. We’ll burn it outside. I’m not takin’ that outside. Why not ? Mickey ‘Cause, Liam, the Brits are everywhere. We’ll burn it here. Stop messin’, Ned. Aaah ! Mickey ! Mickey ! Aaah ! Mickey, roll over ! Oh, geez ! Get him ! Mickey, get up ! Aaah ! Fire Alarm Ringing Gotta get outta here ! Let’s get out ! Come on ! Let’s get out ! Run, Mickey ! Get out ! The gym is on fire ! The gym’s on fire ! The gym’s on fire ! Man The gym’s on fire ! Sirens Wailing Shouts Fire Alarm Ringing Coughing Oh ! Man On Megaphone Get away from the building ! Get the pictures ! Man On Megaphone This is for your own safety ! You’d better leave right now ! Come on, lke ! Time to get out ! You can’t go in there ! I work in there ! Step back ! I work in there, and l have to get It’s not safe ! Get away from the building ! Serves youse bloody well right for takin’ the stuff from the police ! I’m in the middle of negotiations, and you let off this in’ bomb. What did you achieve by it ? You achieved zero. Zero ? Grow up. Stop livin’ in the past and get your head into the future. You can keep goin’. You can split this organization in two. But you’re gonna have to accept the consequences. What consequences ? You know what in’ consequences. You don’t have all the guns, Joe. A lot of the active servicemen won’t accept this peace bullshit anymore. Are you threatenin’ me ? You’re goin’ soft, Super My Love Pony, Super My Love Pony Games, Play Super My Love Pony Games