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There you go. See you later. They don’t move by themselves, you know. There’s geometry involved. Listen, i’ve been thinking game you’re right. Maybe we should ditch the bike somewhere. Kate says we can stay on here a couple extra days. T. Mulligan. Where did you find this? The telephone book. Maybe we can get her to take us out there. Who? Kate. Oh game what? Nothing. Look, you stay here. I’ll try to find it myself. Don’t be an idiot. Could be miles away. You don’t know where you’re going. Six ball, corner pocket. That is a stupid shot. It’s easy to make, but it won’t leave me anywhere. Look, bill, you can have with every woman between here and new york. But it’s not going to make you feel any better about vera. How do you know? We’re supposed to be trying finding the old man. And you’re running aroung trying to get laid. We’re supposed to be what? No, you’re the one trying to find the old man. I couldn’t give a . Then why the hell have you come all this way? Because you asked me to. Because you had nowhere else to go. Look, i’m out here because mom told me to keep an eye on you. Bull. It’s true. Look, i’m moving on. Give me that address. Look, go take care of that motorcycle, will you? you. I want to play pool. You don’t play pool, you shoot pool. What’s dennis study in school? Philosophy. What do they grow out here anywhy? Those are potatoes. Really? Used to be all potato and duck farms out this way years ago. Used to be famous for that. For ducks? Ye , ducks. Ducks are funny animals. I think the hockey team is called the ducks. They have a hockey team? Ye , i think so, the long island ducks. I don’t know, maybe it’s soccer. I’m from pittsburgh myself. Long island’s a terminal moraine. It’s a what? It’s the dirty dumped by a glacier when it melts. Bon jour. What? That’s french. Out of gas? No, it’s busted. Qu’est ce que qui ne veut pas? You mean what’s wrong with it? Vous parle le francais? Un peu. Excuse me? Just a little. Far out, man. Far as i can tell, the clutch is simply shot. You’d have to leave it a couple days.