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Against your palate. At the top … No … Move back your tongue. Open the mouth. Opens. Put your tongue on the top … Voil? … Perfect. Now you try. Tell me… Very good. Now stronger. Morty, this should ? be easy for you. Withdraw your hand. Look at the map. Tell me… Now, put your finger against my nose. Here … Sens. Put it on your nose. Good. Now tell me : “mouse” … Excellent. Yours, W? Lly. Look at me… Look at me. Tell me… Good. A little harder. Very good. Easy for you, Chris. One minute. You’re welcome. Continue the course. Call the police. What good is torturing you. He saved ?. They have me t? L? Phon? this morning. If it happened something to him? It does nothing happen to him. What we will do … it is transferred? rer elsewhere … at Devereux. It is overpriced. I will manage. If you went to see? Are you making fun of him. ? has not co you? terait anything going. The site must? Be finished in September. He saved? ! They are ? his research. This is you? Gal? You don ‘? PROVEN anything for him? You don ‘? PROVEN nothing for him ? If j? Proves something. I wish it were dead. In the lead? S out there, I thought that? ?to. I wanted to leave the road. I would d ?. It’s easy to forget … the plans I had for him, the doctors with whom I drove, without believing any of them. Easy to forget that I ruin? to find an r? response, a miracle. Easy to forget that it’s me who did the only thing? do : over there on the left?. My life became a g? Chis, since that day. I will arrange the transfer. I will be going? S out there, if necessary. Pass me the Crowthorn institute. Crowthorn, New Jersey. It was retrouv? in Braddock Avenue. One lady port? complaint. We were calling? S. Sign here. It must? Be hard with these kids. My sister in law was a kid which is not s? r. She’s ticklish on the subject. She put? the hospital. Do not bother me anymore. I’m leaving. I thought I could help Reuben. I have? T? unable. I believe… that we must do? the id? e … these children have no chance … no chance. What were you looking here?