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to grandma’s house tomorrow and not coming back until the nightafter tomorrow I stewed a potof pork and put it in the fridge Just take out however much you want to eat and heat it up I don’twant to eatstewed pork again I’m about to barfwhen I eat it I made something foryou to eatand you’re so picky Alright I went to the hospital today and saw that high school classmate of yours, Lin Jian Guo Back then, he used to come to our house often. You’re not in contact now anymore? Did he greetyou first? No, he didn’tsee me Is he married? Don’t know I think he has two kids already That’s great He already has two kids Whataboutyou? I’ve already given out many wedding packets I’m really losing out Whatare you saying? I don’t understand I bought two shirts foryou today You bought things randomly again And also two pairs of underpants Stop buying this kind of underwear for me It’s so unfashionable Why unfashionable? Yourdad always used to wear those kind Which generation does dad belong to? If I wear this now, people will laugh at me Who will see? Underpants It’s just under, on the inside As long as it’s comfortable Don’t underrate underpants What does that mean? Don’t underrate underpants Underrate means to take lightly or underestimate Wait You said itso quickly u-n-d-e-r u-n-d-e-r Games r-a-t-e r-a-t-e, underrate Sometimes, I’m even ”undera cow” What does that mean? It means to be undera dark cloud and depressed Undera cloud Under a cloud Then you have to remember to bring an ”umbrella” Lame I’ll teach you one more word Under table What? Under table, meaning illegitimate Grandma’s always doing some ”under table” business Finish this I’m full. Grandma, you eat How come you’re such a difficultgirl? I gave you something to eatand you don’t? So wasteful! You’re so difficult to raise I told you to eat, and you still push it back to me You really are a twisted-beak chicken thatwants to eatgood rice You make me so angry Why are you changing the duvet? I justchanged it lastweek Nothing. I just thought itsmelled a little Where’s