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Do you reaIIy think they wiII revoke your suspension so easiIy? You have to fight it out, Mr. Siras. What wiII I have to do? We’II have to write in our petition that you’re . What? We’II have to write in our petition that you’re . WiII you be aIright? Do we have your permission? No. No. No Games No. Excuse me, professor, pIease. Put the Iuggage down. What? Keep the bag there Games pIease.. .. onIy for a minute. Switch it on. Sir, how does it feeI? What? How are you feeIing Ieaving your oId home? PIease teII us, sir. Let me go. PIease, sir. Let’s go. PIease, sir. Take the suitcase up. The books. ”It’s a desire of a restIess heart.” ”It’s a desire of a restIess heart.” ”I wiII Iove Games worship you.” ”Make you my God.” ”It’s a desire of a restIess heart.” ”As Iong as you didn’t..” ”..inhibit my forIorn dreams.” ”Happiness was unknown to me..” ”..and sorrows were Iike a stranger.” ”I even hid my heartbeats from me..” The probIem with was nobody couId speak up. If you said you were .. were directIy seen as a criminaI. I appIaud your courage. It must not have been easy coming here. No, sir. You’re the courageous one. You’re fighting for peopIe Iike you. I don’t think he’s . He’s not a ? We don’t say ‘a’ ? What? It’s just ”He’s ”. He’s ? Getting Iate. Come. Let’s go. According to the Times Asia Higher Education Body.. ..AIigarh University is ranked no. amongst Indian Universities. CIearIy such eminent universities.. Games have a strict code of conduct. Mr. Siras didn’t just vioIate these ruIes.. fact, he has aIso vioIated the moraI code of his empIoyees. Due to his obscene behavior within the University premises.. ..he has tarnished the image of the teacher community. The victim here isn’t Mr. Siras.. ..the victim here is AIigarh University.. ..because their great reputation has been tarnished. By suspending Mr. Siras.. ..the AIigarh University has abided by its ruIes. And it’s not iIIegaI to foIIow ruIes and reguIations. Is it? THANK YOU. Thank you. Your Iordship. You said AU foIIowed ‘their’ ruIes.