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there’s two very fine young men up there. We’ll come back to you in a minute. Ricky. Yes. Can you feel the testosterone that I can feel? CHEERING Worryingly, I can, yeah. What did you think? Sometimes, when, you know, people come on stage and sing the blues with rock voices like that, the kind of confidence can be a bit off-putting, but their confidence was perfect, it was saying, we’re going to smash the hell out of this, and they did, and everyone loved it, you know what I mean? Thanks, Ricky. Er, Will, did you feel the blues? I felt a lot of colours, not just blues. GEORGE LAUGHS But, like game it was a great performance. Bradley, your ever awesome soulful voice. Rick, you’re like those iconic people that when that person has a hit Oh, my gosh! then people are going to start mimicking and imitating them. You have one of those imitating qualities. I was just watching your moves, like, “Is he serious right now?” LAUGHTER Like, after you would sing a lick, you do this thing with your face. It’s like game I’m, like, “Whoa! He’s for real right now?!” I mean, that is so freaking fresh. So, like, hats off. I won’t take my hat off because I haven’t combed my hair, but hats off. Thank you very much, man. Thanks, Will. APPLAUSE George, what did you think? Well, I feel like, you know, Rick was more in his comfort zone. He’s a rocker, he’s a blues guy, so, you know, I think you were slightly not in your comfort zone with what you just did. And all those kind of great falsetto things, it was just very animal. The performance was very animal and very kind of, I don’t know, it was exciting to watch. You really complemented each other. It wasn’t like a fight, it was like, “Wow! This is really entertaining.” It was really entertaining. That means we all won. Yeah. It was really good. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Paloma, was it man enough for you? It was. It totally blew my socks off. I’m so proud of both of them, cos they were just, like, “Let’s just go in together, “do this together and nail it.” And they did. This is really