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Promise you won’t lie to me anymore? I promise. Then tell me Right now, do you want me? You won’t answer? I want us to do this right. I want to make you come. Come here. If she leaves on Friday, I want her to remember me when she sees this bracelet. I knew it was mine before she even gave it to me. What did you do to your hair? It looks good like that. Since when do you watch that? I didn’t think I had room for a big sister. And you play the role of my big sister. Are you doing it to get stuff? I like him a lot. You’re just a piece of ass. You’ll see. You see yourself with him outside? I don’t know. It’s far away, I can’t make plans. I don’t even know when I’m out, forget about with who. You’re right. Can’t you turn that off? It’s totally stupid. You’re depressing. Once more. Come on, one last time. Just one last time. You’ve said that three times. After that we can again. “MY lips “refuse passage to the words I seek to frame. “Some strong power “urges me to speak, “and a stronger one holds me back.