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I can’t Games We can make a small Games It has been estimated at , It’s already low. euros is still high. No, no. I didn’t talk money over the phone but I hadn’t seen the mobile-home. I was not going to discuss the price before seeing it. OK, but I described it, I explained you how it was Games No, we could talk about , euros maybe Games I can propose Games I can climb to . Ah, no. Listen, I looked at the argus. If you want, we look together. No, but I don’t need to. We did it to set the price. We did it. A mobile-home like this, It’s between and euros. As I told you, It’s already below the market. There is a small terrace, the insulation is new Games I told you about the water heater just now Games It’s years old Games Look at the floor, it’s not perfect Games I can go up to , but at some point Games There are still a few things to change. And then, there is no direct access to the beach, so we can re-evaluate the price. Here, no mobile-home has access to the beach. No, I’m telling you, really, Games And really, it’s a good price Games It’s below market. I can’t go down more. Anyway, at , you will not sell. I don’t think so. I looked around, at , it will not go. It’s your choice. No, really. , I don’t mind. You see, I make an effort, I go up to . I pay you cash. That’s not the question. We made a deal on the phone, We came here Games And so did we. We saw. Games We sit down, we fill the papers, I write your check Games and your problem is solved, It’s sold. Everyone is happy. No, but frankly, Sir, I am not here to beg. We care about this mobile-home. We sell it for Games personal reasons. It is below the market because we need to sell it. We talk on the phone. You tell me OK for . I’m OK for , even . Below, it’s not possible. I see, you don’t want to lower the price because you put emotion in it. You have certainly lived lots of things in this mobile-home, but it’s not worth more than . You won’t sell it for more than . But at the same time, we are really interested, so it’s