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I want your word on that. How about your family? How will it be for them? Tannoy: “Long Beach, Newport, Balboa, Laguna. Now loading.” [Tannoy: “Manhattan Beach, Long Beach, Newport, Balboa, Laguna. Now loading”. Listen to me. You’re out of it. Don’t you see, you’re out of it, and safe. He’s innocent. Innocent of this. But guilty of a hundred other things. So it doesn’t matter. It makes no difference. You’ve got to look at it from all sides. There is your family. You’ll have to think out what’s going to do them the most good in the end. Forget him. Why sacrifice your family for a man who’s no good, who deserves what comes to him? If he gets it for this, it’s the only good thing he’s done in his whole life. Don’t be trying to think of the right and the wrong of it. You’re not dealing with the kind of people you know. You’re dealing with the kind of people I know. This is how it will be. It’s the right thing to do, Lucia. It’s the right thing. Just you forget this. If you do what I say it will be over for you. Tonight, I’ll have it out with Nagel. You’ll have your letters back. I’ll bring them to the house. No, please. Please mail them. I’m sorry, but .. Of course. I Understand, I’ll mail them. Thank you. I’m looking for Nagel. You seen him? In the bar. Hi, Martin. No, no, no. Just play the same tune again. I need one card right from the beginning. Where’s Nagel? It’s your pick. You heard? Murray got sprung a little while ago. What about it? So he went for a little drive. Where did he go? He said he wanted to get some salt air. Your lead. Goodnight, Mrs Harper. Mrs Harper. Yes? Mrs Harper. There is a man here. Who? He says his name is Nagel. He’s not a nice man, Mrs Harper. Don’t you think we ought to call the ..? No .. where is he? He said he wanted to see you alone so I had him wait in the boathouse. I’ll go there. Tell the folks you’re home first. They’re awful upset about you being so late. Alright. Give him a drink and tell him I’ll be down as soon as I can. Yes, ma’am. Lucia, we’ve been worried sick.