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I’m trying to hold it together in a district full of junkies, thieves and losers, while all he’s trying to say is that everything will be all right… if the Catholics and Protestants will hold hands together. It’s shit, isn’t it, Joe ? ls it, Harry ? Shit ? You know we’re gonna have to live with them sometime. Who’s ”them” ? The Protestants, Harry. The other half of the population. You’re never going to be treated as an equal, Joe. Not if we keep bombin’ ’em, no. I don’t see any P.O.W.s comin’ home, Joe. Well, last night didn’t help, Harry. It didn’t help at all. Man # Keep it goin’, Bootsy. Keep it goin’. And again. Ike Throw your combinations, Danny ! And again. Let’s go. And again. Man # One-two ! Ike Use the jab ! Watch it ! Danny. lke Come on ! Again ! That was a warning shot they fired at you. I’ll see you later. Aye. You know, we can’t keep doin’ what we’re doin’, Maggie. What are we doing ? Chuckles You know what I’m sayin’. Come on. Yeah. You’re right. Give us a hug. You’re a dangerous in’ woman. You talked about voices in your head. I couldn’t stop them. I thought my head would burst. And the only thing that kept me sane Ah, it doesn’t matter now. Go on. I’m listening. It’s not fair. Just finish it up, Maggie. Sighs It was the sound of your voice saying, ”Everything’s gonna be all right.” Geez, I never said that. Over and over again in my head. ”Everything is gonna be all right.” Well, this is, this is okay. This is, this is all right. What ? What is this ? This is us. You don’t put a name on it. Who is it ? It’s Danny. Can I come in ? It’s very late, Danny. You shouldn’t be here. It’s not safe. I know. This is in’ ridiculous, you know ? All this talk, Maggie, you know ? We’re kiddin’ ourselves. I love you. There’s nothin’ else to say. We’re not kids anymore, Danny. Yeah, we are. You’re so in’ beautiful. For years I was locked up. Well, my feelings were locked up inside of me. And when I got in the ring again, you can’t imagine the relief it was to feel the pain to be back in the world again.Super Real Cowgirl, Super Real Cowgirl Games, Play Super Real Cowgirl Games