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Uncle Peter. You said you were kidnapped together? Well, not exactly. They already had him. They were torturing him. And you saw them torture him? The kidnappers are working for you? Robert. You’re trying to get that safe open? To get the alternate will? Fischer Morrow has been my entire life. I can’t let you destroy it. I’m not gonna throw away my inheritance. I couldn’t let you rise to your father’s last taunt. What taunt? The will, Robert. That will? That’s his last insult. A challenge for you to build something for yourself… …by telling you you’re not worthy of his accomplishments. What, but that he was, um, disappointed? I’m sorry. But he’s wrong. You can build a better company than he ever did. Mr. Fischer? He’s lying. How do you know? Trust me, it’s what I do. He’s hiding something, and we need to find out what that is. I need you to do the same thing to him that he was going to do to you. We’ll enter his subconscious and find out what he doesn’t want you to know. All right. He’s out. Wait. Whose subconscious are we going into exactly? We’re going into Fischer’s. I told him it was Browning’s so he’d be a part of our team. He’s gonna help us break into his own subconscious. That’s right. Security’s gonna run you down hard. And I will lead them on a merry chase. Just be back before the kick. Go to sleep, Mr. Eames. You good? Hey. You ready? Yes, yes. I’m fine. I’m ready. Cobb? Cobb? What’s down there? Hopefully, the truth we want Fischer to learn. I mean, what’s down there for you? Did you see that? Eames, this is your dream. I need you to draw the security away from the complex, understand? Who guides Fischer in? Not me. If I know the route, everything could be compromised. I designed the place. No, you’re with me. I could do it. All right. Brief him on the route into the complex. Fischer, you’ll be going with him. All right. What about you? You keep this live. I’ll be listening in the whole time. The windows on that upper floor are big enough for me to cover you from that tower. You’re not coming in?