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for you to kind of call back to, that not all of this is so perfect and life isn’t so easy for Roth Spiegelman. Right. Right. It’s another moment where Q doesn’t do a greatjob of listening to her, where she’s sort of opening herself up to him and he doesn’t take the opportunity to go there with her. Right. Well, this is the best night of Q’s life and he’s not really thinking about it from the perspective of where Margo’s at. And there are these little clues that if he picked up on them a bit earlier, he would probably have a better sense at the end of the night that this actually isn’t going to lead to them dating tomorrow as he hopes that it will. Yeah. This is a great shot. Another shot that I imagined visually in my head when I was writing. Like, very rarely do I have a proper visual imagination, but that’s kind exactly what it looked like in my mind, so it’s pretty cool to see. That’s cool. I love that. She’s just game (SIGHS) I love her so much. Cara is so great in this movie. I mean, that was what it was about when we were casting. It’s like all right, who would you actually jump out the window for at midnight? “Who would you drive , miles to go find?” Like who can really motivate that? And that more than any of the other, you know, I know people can like, “Oh, This physical description or that or this, and none of that really matters so much as would you, just on the spot, would you do that? Like, would she motivate you to do that? And I think Cara maybe more than anyone else in the world has that energy. And you would follow her anywhere and you could feel it when you’re in the room with her. Yeah. I mean she understands the motivations of Margo and some deep stuff about Margo in ways that were really rare and kind of unprecedented, really. I mean, just the way that game Look, I mean we all know what it’s like to have people project onto two dimensional images of us. But Cara knows that perhaps better than anyone I’ve ever met, because she literally has people projecting their ideas onto two-dimensional