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Super Stars Panda Subjects nearing extraction location. Sir, we have an issue. Who? It looks like FSB. Get in the car! Peter, why are you here? Whos car is that she got into? Whoever it is, its not us. How is Lucy? Hmm? She misses you. I miss her, too. Both of you. Were tracking from parallel streets. Plotting intercept location game Tverskoy Boulevard. Belgrade Control, send . Masons got the ball. No. Perry, you cant! Belgrade Control, send . Masons got the ball. Op One. Copy. . Confirm? confirmed. You have a name. I need it. Right now! I need the name! Mira Filipova. Yes? Mira Filipova. Mira Filipova. Peter, youre blown. complete. Oh, sh game Peter. She was one of ours, Weinstein. It was over when the Russians made her. We did her a favor. Go! Go! Get out! Ive tapped into a CCTV feed game What the hell is going on? Op One, this is Control. Respond. What happened? Op Two, respond. It was Devereaux. It was Goddamned Devereaux. What was he doing here? Who is Devereaux? Peter Devereaux, one of ours. Active to . Used to work with Hanley. Im on the next plane there. Bring Mason in. Mira Filipova. Go! Go! Go! Stop him! Oh, Smokey. I think this belongs to you. Come here, you dumb cat. Oh, Im so sorry. She spends so much time in my apartment, she should pay some rent. She likes you better than me. Would you come in for a cup of coffee? I just made some. Tastes like home. Sorry, work. Hello? Hi, Im looking Alice Fournier. Alice! Can I help you? Yes. Hello, my name is Edgar Simpson. Im an investigative journalist. I work with the New York Times. I want to talk to you about this man. Arkady Fedorov. Hes a Russian politician. Im researching a story on him. Hello, I have reservation. No. Why didnt you shoot? Here. Why didnt you shoot? Yes, Mr. Mason. Why didnt you shoot? There is no threat, sir. The man who just assassinated your entire team is pointing a gun at you and you say there was no threat? Devereaux was disoriented. He didnt expect to see me there He was doing exactly what I would have done. We tried to game him. He gameed us. You gleaned all this in less than seconds?