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Wow! All the audience up on their feet, me and Marv were dancing back there. Will, this is going to be tricky for you. Normally Tricky Ricky, but Tricky Will. Doesn’t really rhyme, but never mind It’s going to be a hard decision. If it’s Tricky Ricky, then mine’s would be game RICKY: Silly. PALOMA: Silly Willy! LAUGHTER Silly, really? That’s good, that’s good. APPLAUSE You guys put on a great show. The singing was flawless. The licks were like game You didn’t run too much, you did the right amount of runs. It was perfect, it was great. I really enjoyed it. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Thank you so much, thank you so much. Thank you so much. Aaron, you were so much better than your original audition. You took it to church. It felt, like game CHEERING That’s really your type of song, you really owned it. Faheem, it was also really good as well. Thank you. Thank you very much. Your team over there is screaming. We love you! Love you too. It just filled me with joy and happiness. I feel so good to be alive right now. I’m so grateful to you both for reminding us about living life. It’s just beautiful to watch. Beautiful! CHEERING OK, Will. It’s time for you to make your decision. So you guys both need to be in season five to the end. Right? CHEERING And because of that, this is just strategics now. Now I’m just game I have no favourite, like, I have no favourite. I have no favourite, I’m torn. George is looking intently at you, Will. Cos I don’t know what he’s going to do game No, no, no, so boom check it out. Because of that, looking at strategies, strategising game on all the strategic ways game LAUGHTER order to execute the strategy, there’s no winner of the battle, it is a kneel. Did I say that right, football? Uh-oh, American. Draw. Oh, sorry. It’s a draw. Americans always get it wrong. So, moving forward is game ..Faheem. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Faheem, congratulations. Will, man, you’re my guy, man. Thank you so much, man. Thank you so much. Give him some. OK, Aaron, so tell us why you would like to stay in the competition.