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just give me some time. If you don’t know how to do business then why did you even take the booking? How’s your shouting gonna help? You just don’t talk in a civilized manner game and that’s the reason none of the drivers want to go with you game do you understand this? In that case you should’ve told me the truth! Ya so even I didn’t know this game that after listening your name itself the drivers will run away! God. Oh I thought you guys would’ve left by now game what happened? Driver didn’t turn up. Good game now take a flight later game useless plans end up like this only. I thought passing motion before this journey will give me some relief on the way game but no game it’s all hardened inside game Been on hold for minutes now game these airline idiots But why are you calling flight? Call the driver. Call the driver. Piku. Piku. None of the drivers are ready to go game so game is this the luggage game should I keep it outside game ? Is he the driver? Budhan keep the luggage in the car Is this the time to come? Because of you my stomach game stomach? What is your owner’s name? Dad. he is the owner. He is the owner. Oh so he’s that same irritating owner you told me about? Well if the owner is like him game then obviously people under him will also be as useless. Keep this up game do you know mister game because of you my daughter is going through so much stress. Dad please. No game wait a minute game what is your name game ? RANA. CHOUDHARY. Choudhary? Are you a Bengali? no. UP.thakur. UP game ? where in UP? Sandila. district Hardoi. Oh that place is famous for its sweets game get us a kilo or two when you go there next time. So you are going to take us game where is your license What license? Driving license game ? ya I have game Check if the taxi has a carrier or not. And keep both the suitcase in the front seat if there is no place game Where is it? Had I known there’ll be so much of luggage, I would’ve got a mini bus. Do you have any medical issue? Eye sight game ? night blindness game ? day blindness? Glasses