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Sweet Animal Prints Then we went in to have ultrasound. They said she had a disease called Arthrogryposis, where she can’t bend at her joints. So, she wouldn’t be able to walk or I mean, everyday tasks like eating, it’s like she will need help with everything. Well, we’re both athletes. We know how it feels to have fun, play, run around and just knowing that our daughter won’t be able to do that was It’s pretty hard to live with and so we decided that it was just we’d rather not put her through all that. Like will we want to live our lives like that? Like just try to put ourselves in, like, how she would have felt growing up, you know, it just didn’t seem fair to her. Uhhm, what’s it been like for you? It’s very hard. Louise, my sister, had a babya girl. My other sister’s pregnant right now, about to have a boy. And, I was the third, about to have a girl. So, everyone was excited. But now it’s kinda like Game it’s kinda over now. Yeah. I think about what I do all the time and I recognize what I do. And at times I struggle and at times, I don’t. But I always come back to the woman and what she’s going through. And often, what life will this baby have? What will it mean to be alive with horrific fetal abnormalities? It’s not just about being alive, it’s about life and what does it mean. Thank you. Ours is a corpus callosum. Obviously, if the baby didn’t get part of his brain, what outcome of that can possibly be good? And, ours has been guilt because it’s guilt no matter which way you go. Guilt, if you go ahead and do what we’re doing, or bring him into this world and then he just doesn’t have any quality of life. We had already gone shopping for the room. And, we had already bought a crib. and we had already bought dressers, and we had already bought a lot of stuff and then, we talked and we, we tried to figure out why this happened and what we had done wrong. ‘Cause I have year old son already and he’s a god kid, and he’s perfect. So, I kind of and I’ve coached him in all the sports. We just finished basketball and when we met with you yesterday, and when you left the room,