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And the way her diaper filled the room with a smell that Game ooh! What about me? What part of Jules Verne do I represent? Ah! My assistant, Pascal, will explain that to you. Oui! I mean, no! No, no. Moi? Oui, oui, my friend. No, no, no, no, uh Games uh. Ugh! You are giving me a migraine! Tell him! No, no, no, it’s your place. I wouldn’t know the right way to say it! Look. Jules Verne had serious gas problems. So you represent that. Profiterole! Oh, very serious. Now for the fun part. You will soon be teleporting into different stories that take place anywhere from to years ago. You are wearing special electro Games synthesizer suits that, with the touch of a button, allow you to change your appearance into the perfect disguise. So no matter in what location or situation you find yourself, no one will suspect a thing. Observe. Ha! Wow! Awesome! Cool! Ta Games da! Whoa! Voila! Well, shall I show you some more then, hm? No I think you’ve shown us enough. Momma always said just because you can wear something doesn’t mean you should! Now, it’s time for you guys to start practicing with your own suits. So you can get ready for the mission! Yeah! Uh, now don’t take this the wrong way. But don’t you think that’s maybe a little bit too much? So you mean you don’t like what I’m wearing? Uh no, no, no, no! I think you look beautiful dressed like that. I was referring to Game yes, of course. You’re probably right. I am a little overdressed. I’ll have to show them more skin! If that bikini gets any smaller. I’m not sure if my approval ratings are going to go up or down. Yoo Games hoo! Wardrobe. Diagnostics program complete. Whoa! Restoring services. Awesome! Yay! Yes! All systems online. The time has come! I present to you the Imaginasium. The gateway to imagination! It’s even cooler than I thought. Incredible. Revolutionary! Look at that technology! Wait until I blog about this! Actually. Operation freedom force is classified top Games secret.