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has the walkie. [OVER RADIO] We are under time constraint. We want to finish our work. End this now and no one else gets hurt. That’s the wrong move. We have a conversation, find out what they want. We know what they want. They’re drug dealers. They want their drugs. XANDER: Allow me to be direct. I simply want the park ranger. The other guy game you can go. This don’t mean I trust you. Move. XANDER: If you change your mind, you know how to reach me. I’m in the book. [IN FRENCH] [IN FRENCH] How much further? We’re close. We should see it soon. [KNOCKING] Mr. Sanderson. Break it down. No, it’s not a home invasion. I don’t want to involve the guy. I just want to get in, make the call and get out. Forget the window. No, this is our best chance. No, we go in this door. We don’t have time for this. I’ll go, then you go. I’ve got nowhere to run once I’m inside. You make one wrong move, you’re gonna have a new asshole. You hear me? [GRUNTS] HENRY: Now we do this my way. What happened to trust? I trust you to go pick up that phone and dial out. What? -It’s dead. Give it to me. What, you think I’m lying? Oh, . Just what do you think this is, a goddamn hotel? Put the gun down right there on the box. Mr. Sanderson– Do as I say, boy! Huff ‘- Okay, okay. I thought you said you knew this guy. I do. Mr. Sanderson, it’s me, Henry. Don’t you recognize me? I’ve not gone dumb up here. You broke into my house. I got a right to defend it. CLAY: Look, we ain’t here for you, old man. We got drug dealers out there hunting us, trying to kill us. Seems like you are trying to kill each other. Well, it’s complicated. Always is. We just need to use your phone, call the authorities game game and get off this island before anybody gets killed. Phone don’t work. I had it cut off a couple of years back. Why the is it sitting on the table? It looks nice. [IN ENGLISH] Hello again. It’s a nice house. Do me a favor. Can you please send me the park ranger? He’s not here. We gotta get out of here. Now. I ain’t going nowhere. This has nothing to do with you.