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You fancy a special order has been sent out to the Luftwaffe? “Get Farley at all costs”? What’s the principle of a flying bomb, sir? Ah, Farley, you don’t divert me quite so easily from Caesar’s Gallic Wars. If you’ll turn to page game game and begin at the bottom line. you will have your answer. I don’t understand it, sir. Gresham, would you do it? This was the kind of fighting game game in which the Germans busied themselves. Oh, very good, sir. Yes, sir. very good. Pretty good. Very good. You can see how these dead languages can sometimes come to life again. Now, Farley, back to page . Begin. Please, sir, may we ask a question, sir, first? We’re all longing to know game What? Well, if the rumor’s true, sir. that you’ve been made headmaster. It’s not really a question you should ask or I answer. But, yes, Farley. it does happen to be true. Quiet, please. Quiet. I can only say I am very surprised. very surprised, indeed. Thank you all very much. Now, Farley, your kindly interruption game game has not saved you from translating Caesar to me for the next five minutes. Begin, please. Our men attacked the enemy game game so fiercely when game When the signal was given. Altogether now, one more time. Oh, London is London Come on, now. London is London There was a boy who. when asked to translate into Latin game game Tennyson’s beautiful lines: Break, break, break On thy cold grey stones, O sea! Came up with: Oh, fluctus, fluctus rumperty, rumperty, jam He’s now a bishop. Hitler’s shut up shop for the night. Yes, Farley, but we haven’t. This is a double hour. and we still have another minutes. Enter. Excuse me, sir. Would you be Mr. Chipping? Yes. Could I see you alone for a moment, sir? Certainly, officer. Gresham? Look, chaps. I’ve got a marvellous idea. Let’s play a joke on him. Let’s write him letters of congratulation and put them on his desk. We haven’t time. We don’t need to write anything. Folded up bits of paper with “headmaster of Brookfield” on them. Well, come on. I’ve put something in mine.