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Jamie Berard is one of the company’s design stars. He’s the creative lead for the expert building series. Today he’s showing his boss his new Parisian cafe model which will be revealed to the public soon. What I really hope to highlight at BrickCon is the storytelling. For example, the gentleman on the balcony has actually got a little bit of a surprise, and he’s got this ring in his hand. That will help him hopefully marry his girlfriend. JAMIE: The job, it’s amazing. I don’t want to oversell it that, you know, there’s rivers of chocolate milk and massages on Tuesdays. You know, it’s a job. But it’s an amazing job. You almost wonder, like, how long can this last? Is this for real? Another coveted job at the LEGO company is that of master builder. Like the designers, master builders are, well, masters at building with LEGO bricks. But they get to think outside the box. So as a master builder, we get to do everything it takes to make our models, we design models, we do a pretty good mixture. We do everything from little tiny models, all the way up to human beings. It’s always going to be different. Every model poses its own challenge. Sometimes it’s the sheer size of the models. Ultimately, at the end of the day, it’s really just pushing the bounds of what you can do with LEGO, being creative and being artistic and all these amazing things. Today the master builders are working on a huge project that’ll be seen all over the world: the setting for The LEGO Movie. The nicest thing about working for LEGO is that we have all of the pieces we need. It’s something that most people would just dream of. For this particular city, I got to sit down and order whatever I wanted. As far as the plot of the movie, I really don’t know a lot about it. Um, there’s a lot more than just this that’s going to be in this movie, that we’re all working on at the same time. And it’s a monumental undertaking. Weeks later, their LEGO city arrives and is reassembled by Paul’s team on a soundstage in Los Angeles. It serves as the setting for the live action sequences