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our home when Gul’Dan came to power? One orc cannot kill a world, Durotan. Are you sure? Look around you. Does it not remind you of something? Wherever Gul’Dan works his magic, the land dies. If our people are to make a home here, my friend Games Gul’Dan must be stopped. We are not powerful enough to defeat Gul’Dan. No. No. But with the humans’ help, we could be. I want that weapon. You’ll have me to protect you. I need no one to protect me! What are you looking at? Bookworm. Take the first watch. Respectfully, Commander, my name is Khadgar. My deepest apologies, Khadgar. You see, I thought we bonded when I didn’t put you in a prison cell for breaking into the Royal Barracks. Now take the watch. Well, at least you’re not reading. He wishes to lie with me. Beg your pardon? You would be injured. I don’t want to lie with you. Good. You would not be an effective mate. CHUCKLES Why do you laugh? I can’t see how you humans survive such a thing. No muscles to protect you. Brittle bones that break. You don’t look that different to us. How did you survive? Broken bones heal stronger. Mine are very strong. I’m sorry. GARONA: Do not be. My name Games Garona. It means “cursed” in Orc. My mother was burned alive for giving birth to me. They kept you alive, though. Gul’Dan did. He gave me her tusk. To remember her. My parents gave me to the Kirin Tor when I was six years old. That’s the last time I saw them. Or any of my brothers and sisters. It brings a family honor to offer a child to the Kirin Tor. To have their son taken up to the floating city of Dalaran and be trained by the most powerful mages in the land. Less so, to have them run away. Well, that was cheerful. GARONA: The Great Gate. Why do they need so many prisoners? Like wood for a fire. Green magic takes life to open the gate. LOTHAR: How many more orcs are they planning on bringing? GARONA: All of them. This is just a warband. When the portal is opened, Gul’Dan will bring the Horde. Get them back to Stormwind. We’ll ride ahead. KHADGAR: Garona. We should go.