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Sweet Cat Room Design Body armor is not going to stop a headshot. Been having these headaches, anyway. Blue suit. Two oclock. Got em. Hes moving. Hold your shot. Check your line of fire. Dont shoot. No, hes moving on you. DO NOT SHOOT! Devereaux? Ah! Jesus game He tagged you. I had to hit him. What the hell was I supposed to do? Learn to take orders! No, no, no! Lausanne, Switzerland. years later. Peter, there is a man outside by the water. He says he knows you. Thats it? No hello, Hanley. Good to see you? Been a long time? Youre still out of Berlin? Berlin? Christ, no. The actions moved, my friend. Now front line is now in Belgrade. You look good. Better than him, at least. Cargen? Retirement got him fat. Not her, though. Oh, God. Craig. They knew the risks. We all did. We IDed the gameer. Alexa Demoistria. Contract gameer out of Moscow. Shes cutting a swath through people who have no business dying. Agency thinks its Arkady Federov gameing anyone or anything that reminds him of his past. The guys going to be the next Russian president. Whats this got to do with me? Natalia. Wed be proud of her, Peter. After you left, she got very close to Fedorov. But she wants to come in. She has something on him. Something thats scaring even her. What? A name. Claims it changes everything. And if shes right game How long before you think shes going to join these? You go in. You get her out. Moscow to Petersburg. Cross the border to Helsinki game Ill meet you there. She asked for you. Only you. She wont give you the name until you bring her out, right? She always was a ballbuster. The Duma, Moscow. Drones airbourne. Exfil on standby. Monitoring game United States Embassy. Belgrade, Serbia. Do we have a link to the drone? Yes we do. Rendezvous with the extraction team in game minutes. We have eyes on the prize. Traveling northbound on Tverskaya. minutes. Message recieved from prize, We are minutes from exfil. Langleys online. What time is it there, Perry? You dont need to be in on this one. If our girls actually got something on Fedorov a lot of people are interested.