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Sweet Cowgirl 2 Have a seat. I’I be right back I’m so sorry, V nce. It’s been crazy ateIy. ReaIIy crazy. You wou dn’t beIieve how busy I’ve been. Since Choquette Ieft I’m sorry I’m ate, Mince. ReaIIy. It won’t happen again. You can trust me. Open the damn trunk. Doesn’t seeing this kind of cash make you want to gambIe again? If had made money gambIing, I wouIdn’t be here. Have you ever been to the track, Mr. Fumett? I mean before, when you had more money. Did you ever go to the track and bet on horses? It’s reaIIy something When your own money’s on the I ne and your horse comes out a winner. it feeIs. incredibIe. Here, it’s a IittIe I ke going to the track Except ton ght, Mr. Fumetti. you are my horse. Come on, fo ow me. Th s is your way out of the gutter Come on. Either you come with me and have a chance at getting out, or you can go back to coIIect ng scrap meta The choice is yours. I’I make a Iot of money? Don’t worry about that. I’I take care of you, OK? It’s s mpIe, Mr. Fumetti. You take the piII that stops n front of your arrow, and swaIIow t with the drink given to you. It’s as simpIe as that. Look. That’s very, very good for us. Keep going. Don’t worry. That’s very, very good for us. Mr. Fumetti, I must Ieave for a few moments I won’t be Iong. And don’t forget, you have two horses now, so two piI s. Why don’t you show up even Iater next time? didn’t have the goods. Muffin. What can I say? You shouId try this. Puerh tea, aged years. It tastes ike a dank cave. but it’s good for the nervous system. It’s aII Norm drinks now. He says it’s good for h s I bido What’s the matter, Mincent? You don’t ook too good I want it to be over. Muff n I want th s to be the Iast one. The Iast what? I know you heIped me when I was broke. What’s wrong with you? What’s the probIem? That’s on y haIf. You’II get the rest after the operation. You know that I don’t care about the money. That’s not the probIem A debt gets pa d off eventuaIIy, Muffin. I’ve been doing this for a whi e, and I f gured.. that ‘d done enough. I just want to move on. If that’s reaIIy what you want game