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Sweet CowGirl 6 Firstly, reintegrate the two girls who were fired. Improve our working conditions. And give us all a pay rise! What have you got to say? You won’t have time to laze about in the sun! Say something! Answer me! I hate you! You landed my mate in hospital. Bastard! Answer me! Defend yourself! Boursac! To the assembly line! You thought we were only women. But you were forced to give in. Agnes and Colette will stay with us. Things will be different now. We’ll have a say. Your foremen aren’t so arrogant. And for good reason! No more of your secret negotiations. You’ll have to accept what we impose. We know you haven’t swallowed your sequestration. We know you’ll try to fire workers. You and your press cried scandal. You called on the law. But your law is to sequestrate workers from the moment they are hired until the end of the tunnel, where the chrysanthemums grow. Our law is justice for the people. It’s a knife to your throat. You’ll try to eliminate what you call the troublemakers. Don’t forget that our great victory is the unity we forged with our own strength. Unity with our husbands, who are now aware of our struggle, unity with the other factories. Our fight has spread. And maybe, one day, it will end in bloodshed. Don’t forget, the important thing is not your measures. The most important thing is what has changed in our minds. We have taken the right to speak, to take action. Rights that you bosses have denied us, to make us more subservient. And we shall fight for those rights with violence, to conquer them, to keep them until the day you don’t have any more. Subtitles Eclair Group