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Sweet Cute Pony a tent in her wedding game game and throw a thank you party. And if he’s from Sambhalgarh’s royal family game game then that’s even better. So Lord, don’t ever pay any heed to her. Especially her last line. You keep quite. Start eating. Ashrafi, you’re too good! The chicken’s too good. Should we do September then? Plan for that? September sounds fine. Your planners are arriving next week. Rathore? You’re in Mumbai and you didn’t call. But, how can anyone compete with you? Nausher. Nausher Bandookwala. He’s been with me since the th grade. Nausher, this is my fiancé Kiara. Congratulations. And my sympathies, Kiara. You’re marrying a business machine. Bandook! Rathore’s a failure. Just grab hold of him and marry him. Otherwise, he’ll be a spinster like my father. No, seriously. I am my father’s only mistake. You’re right. But seriously Rathore, what will you do if she runs away? I mean game you have your business. But alone and lonely at game that’s a tough life. My, God. You’re so beautiful. You’re really pretty. She’s so beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. Catch you guys, soon. Rathore, call me. Call your old friends. Okay. He’s sweet. That he is. Where were we? Wedding in September. Mr. Sharma’s son has become an actor. Manju, please don’t start this again. Why not? I mean game this isn’t natural. It’s been two years, forget about a husband game game you don’t even have a boyfriend! You are famous now. You fixed Dhoni’s injury in the middle of the match game game and helped him win. You work for the IPL. Granted Dhoni, Sehwag, etc. are elderly and married. But you could’ve been in the news with some young player at least. Manju, keep your onetrack mind to yourself. Seriously, Manju. You’re just too much. She’s happy, isn’t she? You see, Mili scares off the boys. And they run away. Maybe you like girls. Oh please! Shut you mouth. Like girl, huh! This time game if not an Indian cricketer, then Indian royalty! And if you don’t like any of them game game then you can marry some boring doctor of CA. I won’t attend that marriage.