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Anything you need, Beatrice. [CA EB SIGHS] Come on, Four, where are you? Eve yn. We found him outside the wa. Take it off. Where’s my son? I don’t know. Edgar to d me what’s out there, so you better start ta king or we’ be ho ding your tria now. No, you won’t. Because I have something that you need. Rea y? And what’s that? The way to win your war. Hey. Hey. Any news? No. I’m sorry. CA EB: Tris Radio Did you find him? Yes, I found Four. And there’s something e se you’re gonna wanna see, too. Okay, go. [BEEPING] MAN: Over there! That’s him! We got him! Four. Don’t worry, he’s fine. Just keep watching. EVE YN: What is this p ace? PETER: You’re gonna ove it. [BEEPING] What is it? Try it out. You’ see. Just don’t try it on anyone you ike. I was wondering when you’d have the courage to face me. Three weeks you eave me here. I ran a faction! I protect our son from Jeanine’s thugs. Protect him? Is that what you ca it? Beating your own chi d! It made him who he is. [GROANING] PETER: Make sure he gets a good dose. [GASPS] [BREATHING HEAVI Y] MARCUS: Tobias Radio I’m just trying to he p you to be better. [DISTORT TA KING] [EXHA ES] [GROANS] [STAMMERING] I’m s Radio I’m s Radio I’m sorry, but Radio Who are you? Huh Radio Just imagine if you re eas this on the A egiant. Not even Johanna wi remember a time that you weren’t in charge. Who exact y to d you about this? You have a very powerfu friend on the outside if you choose to engage instead of prepare. Does this friend have a name? David. David? EVE YN: You can te my friend I’m not gonna use that thing un ess it’s a ast resort. Why wou d David support Eve yn? Doesn’t make any sense. Are you okay? I was worri about you. Eve yn, you ne to make peace with the A egiant. No. Johanna made her choice. I never want this war, but I wi end it, I promise you. You have no idea what you’re up against. Johanna is not the issue. ook, I know you’re angry at me and I understand that. I’m just Radio I never meant Radio This is hard for me, too. I don’t wanna have to keep you in here. Then et me out.