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We brought her in and we observed her very closely Game Blanch Rachel Banks. This is bullshit. You’re both Game You’re both full of shit. The both of you, you’re full of shit! We get so tangled In our regrets of the past. We think we can just bury it forever, Create a new identity, start over. But the truth Game will surface. I dare you to go inside, Bethy. Mom said not to go inside. You’re such a mama’s girl. No, I’m not. I hate you! Blanch, blanch, no! Where is your sister Game Beth? Am I my sister’s keeper? Why are you angry? If you do what is right, Will you not be accepted? Where is your sister? Her blood cries out to me from the ground. No, leave me alone, please! No no no no no. Rachel, Rachel. This can’t be Game This can’t be happening. It’s an anagram. Asmodeus. From the book of Enoch. It’s a Hebrew word which means to destroy. Asmodeus is referred to as one of the seven Princes of hell. A fallen angel Cast down to the earth from the war in heaven. A Game A demon of lust, Hate and jealousy, Responsible for twisting men’s desires. The cops never found her body. What body? When the police discovered your wife She was inside an abandoned home, Shaking uncontrollably. We brought her in and we observed her Very carefully. She didn’t speak For weeks. And when she finally did talk, She said that her sister Bethy Had been raped and killed. She was lying. Blanch, this isn’t funny. Blanch! Shhh. Are Game Are you telling me that my wife Is possessed by a Game The mind is a powerful thing. She did everything she could To block it out. Hendricks! Son of a bitch. My god. What happened? We’re all just creatures of habit. I Game I wanted her. We grasp onto it. Capable of Anything. I couldn’t stop myself. Don’t touch me! Nathan, Nathan! Please! Get off me! Don’t! I can’t live with myself for what I did. I killed her. Hendricks? Martha may Hendricks Began to be disturbed By scratching sounds that came from the basement Game Game And objects were often found to be moved Without explanation.