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Sweet Flower garden We would be doing what, exactly? Well, obviously, you would be getting donations, but primarily you’ll be preaching. Oh. Uh, well, I’m not game you’re not game yeah. You’re not doing that. He’s actually our tech guy. He’s actually interning with us this year, aren’t you, Tyler? But he’s as much a part of the team as anybody. Tyler, are you from South Africa? What’s that? Quick question, Ken, just because you had mentioned fundraising game how much money could we expect to make? Uh, for Africa? Um game Safely, quarter of a million. Now, I know you’ve probably already discussed this, but I’m curious. We would love to hear more about your work in Lesotho. Ah. Well, uh, yeah. Uh, I mean, really, uh, if you’re boiling it down, if you’re really just game Let’s really look at the base facts. I mean, this is game This is really the lord’s work, wouldn’t you say? Amen. Amen. And you guys, are you all set up to handle your own accounting for the game Oh! Well, yeah. We recently switched to a quarterly based accrual system, right. Which is going to game Perfect. Good enough. Our only requirement is that % go to the mission work. Sounds great. Yeah. But we can’t actually, um game We can’t game yeah, we can’t make a decision without talking it over first. Right? This guy game Would you mind if we just discussed it real quick? Oh, certainly. Certainly. Take a minute? I’ve got tough decisions of my own. Jesus so Callie’s a smoke shell. Intern, huh? Yeah, let me just explain. Uh, okay, guys? I think we can do this. Oh, absolutely. Oh, he’s joking. Oh, I’m sorry. I thought I heard him say, quarter of a million dollars. You guys hear that? What if project get Wells soon was a legitimate nonprofit? We can’t do it. Why? You heard what the guy said: % percent of the proceeds game Has to go to the charity work. Yeah, sure. But I’m talking about cash. They’re gonna be keeping records of the card swipes and the checks, but most of this money is gonna be cash. All I’m saying is, at the end of every night, we’re adding up the total game