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Sweet Garden that we’re going to have grandchildren before too long, and you’re not going to disappoint us, are you? I’ll do my best. Don’t keep on touching your hair. Oh yeah. My mother’s party. I had way too much to drink that night. Uh, yes you did. I don’t know why my mom buys all these dreadful paintings when they’re such great artists in L.A. Couldn’t agree more. Uhhuh. I’m Sylvia Nelson, the purveyor of second rate dribble you tore apart in your magazine. Uh, oh gosh. Did I do something stupid? No. I mean, yeah, you really were wobbly. But uh game I’m glad you found something to look at. This is Shirin. Pleasure to meet you. Great. She’s pretty cute. Oh, well I was a human rights attorney, and I game I gave it up to write. She’s a book reviewer for the magazine. This one? Uhhuh. And a big fan of Rachel Harson. You are a terrible liar. You’re just like my dad. Your left eyebrow goes up when you lie. What do you mean? Yeah. Look, you’re doing it again. Right now. Doing it right now. Silly. Uh, great. Excuse me, but what about me? Uh. Since yours is full. I think we just established that you can’t handle your alcohol, so game Whatever. To new friends. To loveless marriage. Wow. I mean, sorry. There is nothing worse then a relationship that’s convenient, comfortable and boring. Right? I’ll drink to that. Man, so what’s our problem? I don’t know, but I do know you don’t need anymore of that. No, I do not need anymore of that. I told my fiancé about you. He asked me why I’m so interested in a guy who lives off his mother’s income, sits around playing with his radios all day. Sounds like a smart guy. I’d listen to him if I were you. I’m not stupid. It’s this the reporter in you trying to get more out of me. Oh my God. Will you stop with all the reporter crap? Look at me. You always avoid looking at me directly in the eye. No, I’m looking at you right now. No, you’re not. Look at me. Mike? Shirin, is everything all right? I’m on my way. That game that’s not a good idea. What? I’m having trouble hearing you! Don’t worry. Everything