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a lot of forest. Then when felled trees, the water disappeared. Now our forest is young, needs lots of water. But within or years, when everything stabilizes, I’m sure it will reappear another beautiful waterfall. They are many small roads, hundreds of small ways game Cows go there. Each leg of cow that sits on a small perimeter, They are or kilos of blow. Crushes the earth, the dry, and no longer sprout again nothing. It is very interesting to note the difference of what it was before the Terra Institute, smooth pastures like this and the other a fully recovered ecosystem. With ten million trees replanted. Here we see cicada singing until he dies. I’m sure it was not the tree. Are the termites that are assimilating. He will be buried here. Sometimes, just we look at a tree and think about its verticality, in its beauty. But everything depends on it, our water, our oxygen game It is home to everyone. Ants, small insects, cicadas game All are in the tree. It is very pleasant to touch a tree planting have helped. It is here, well established, well robust. Within years it will be as well. He is still very young, is growing. Look, the youngest there, very young, here. They may have erupted tonight, like Alice entering the wonderland. And most incredible is that it will become a tree to meters. And who will live years, years. Here there is a great power. Think that these trees have three months and will reach its climax at the game Maybe we can measure from here the concept of eternity. Perhaps eternity can be measured. The first few days after saying: “We will plant a forest” I thought the route was a seed to a small tree, a plant game and that’s it, but there is only a little plant, but a million. And not just here. Also nearby. And more and more! And that’s the most wonderful thing, this idea You may evolve, it can grow. He’s not someone’s idea, but of all. Sampling method can replicate almost everywhere. Of course, the species are not the same, but the way of acting is the same in all tropical forests.