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Sweet Girl and Her Horsefor days together. Did you forget that we were the ones who picked up Nunu? Imple! Yes, sir! Quickly get rid of the evidence. Bring that skinny one and a sack. What are you staring at? We don’t want to disturb the people out here relieving themselves. We’ll put him into the sack and shoot him. As you say, sir. Get ready, pal, you are the skinniest amongst the of us. Dev I don’t want to die. Devi, save me. Devi, I don’t want to die. Dev, save me. I don’t want to die. Do something, pal. Chautala! All the evidence was against us and on top of that, Chautala game Sir, this is a really good car. Then, keep it. File an FIR for a car that’s missing. Minister! Shall we proceed? A voting citizen has been murdered which means that according to section , you’ll be hung till death or receive years in jail. The bail amount is . lakh. You’ll get the money. He will get the money, right, Gaurav? Shut up! Aren’t you a dog on heat game Down, boy. There’s more to add. That shopkeeper probably bribed cops like us and that’s the guy who’s been murdered. Which means, it’s a kick in the teeth of our income. Jot down Rs. lakh. Rash driving, which in section only amounts to Rs. . Only ! There are charges for kidnapping a citizen, ! So, that comes to around Rs. , game Write that down. Six lakh, ten thousand and five hundred game Aren’t you the regular shylock! Imple! Yes. Didn’t you get smacked around as well? Assaulting a police man on duty, and the charges are only Rs. . Write it down. ,, game Your father’s gonna add the VAT game Hey! This isn’t any VAT! This is Chautala’s tax. Multiply the amount by ten. Now, tell me the total. ,,. Imple! Sir! Is it too much? No, sir. Is it too much? discount, okay. Sixty one lakhs in cash, this evening. For your salvation. Getting sixty one lakhs from a minister’s son wasn’t really a big deal. Once we had the money, we had to figure out, how to deal with Chautala. Who doesn’t take a bribe these days? And why the heck are we into politics if someone cannot be bought off! You’re absolutely right, dad.