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I have to earn some money somehow, Christina. Games I know. Games But Game You know what they say about him. No. What do they say about him behind his back? Games You know. Games I don’t know. But I can guess. That he’s some sort of monster in league with the devil himself. That he practices witchcraft and performs the Black Mass. Is that what they say? Something like that. Have they told you he eats little babies, or can turn himself into a toad? I’ll tell you something, Christina: If it’s a choice between him and they, I’ll choose him every time. There’s no cause for you to get upset with me, Hans. Who are you talking to? In God’s name, haven’t I told you to keep away from here? I’m here as a customer, sir. That doesn’t give you the right to hang around my daughter. I have enough trouble with her without Game Games What is it you want? Games Some champagne. Games Dr Hertz sent me for it. Games Go on, out! Games What have I said? Games Out! Games It’s true! Games The money Game He’ll pay, or at least the Baron will. Outside. I’ll pay, then! That is, if you’ve got any real champagne, which I doubt. What with? What will you pay with? With this! Very well. Games For a dozen bottles! Games One bottle! Three. Will you take it, or not? And keep away from my daughter in future! I don’t want your type hanging around her. Landlord! Wine! The best. Or the best that your establishment can offer. Yes, gentlemen. White or red? A selection, gentlemen. And which do you recommend to your own taste, landlord? Games The white is very good. Games “The white is very good. ” Excellent. We’ll have the red. And see that it isn’t corked, unless you want to lose your license. In excellent condition, gentlemen, I assure you. It had better be, or my father will hear of it. Oh no, landlord! Served by your charming daughter. Now, gentlemen Game By your daughter Game landlord! She’s out. Games Out, landlord? Games Yes. She went home early Game a headache. Oh, I see. Karl. Ah! Christina! As pretty as a picture, today. Enchanting.