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Sweet Happy Farm Yeah, which Game That’s deep. It’s the truth. I mean, you know, that’s just how the world works. And I want Game I’m not complaining. I love Jude so much and I, you know Game No one thinks you don’t love your baby. As soon as he came out of my body, the moment I saw him, I was like, “I want to do everything I can to make your life as great as possible.” I do feel a little bit resentful, ’cause he’s like, “I had this meeting and I had this lunch “with all these fancy business people “and the lunch went really long, and everyone was drinking. “So then I had to stay.” And I’m like, “That sounds like it sucks,” and I’m wearing my fucking pajama top still that I didn’t get to take off. Can I say I like you when you are a little tipsy? Like, so much. Is she tipsy? I can’t tell. It’s like half a beer. That’s all it takes these days. I wish I could wear my pajama top to work. I’m gonna wear my pajama top to work. It’s a tragedy to me that my husband comes home from being around sexy, independent women. Not that it’s about that, but I feel like Game It’s not fun to be in a pajama top that has baby food all over it. But the point of that is that he comes home sometimes and he’s like, “I miss the baby and I miss being at Game ” He misses it, too. We both Game Nothing’s perfect. So maybe Game So maybe that’s what he wants. Right. That’s life. I think you’re so pretty. I feel like you’re a lot prettier than you feel like you are. That’s nice. I do. That’s a nice thing to say to a tired old lady. I think she is. A drunk old lady. Boo! I think she’s so pretty. Um Game I kind of want to ask you for something. Just come right out and say it? What? A Christmas present. Oh, my God. I know. We said we weren’t getting each other Chris Game You said we weren’t getting each other Christmas presents. Yes, ’cause we are very poor. Good grief. We don’t have any money. What do you want? Diamonds. A string of them. No. No. The thing that I want Game I would like to be able to do some writing. Okay. To be able to go somewhere. Okay. By myself.