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to get to know me. When I was young, my sister and I were running away from the wars on the Silk Road. I wanted to save her but I killed her instead I kept on asking myself Why her? Why me? General Huo said We can’t change the past but the future is firmly in our hands He said everyone has the their misfortunes but we need to contain the pain and turn it into motivation. A person who only laments the past is a coward where as a person who can change the future is a true hero. He said heroes are not afraid to die Nonetheless, I have to admit that the fate of the Silk Road can’t be changed by the Protection Squad alone. Still, I’m truly thankful. I thank you all for joining me in rebuilding this city Together we proved that harmony can be achieve between the races. During that precious time we were giving birth to a newborn child of hope But his life is cut so short that I won’t have the chance to see him grow up. My brothers on the Silk Road I have already given my all. People are rarely satisfied with the truth If I can satisfy you all with my life Than I shall die with no regrets But I do have one last request Please raise the memorial flag that we made together. Raise it up for me. So I can take one last look at our child Huo An will be forever indebted to you. I promise to repay you in my next life. I am the mighty Rat, a hero What am I going to do with these coins, buy a coffin? Whoever dares to invade Wild Geese Gate, I’ll kill him I’ll fight him With my last breath. Tiberius and his hundred thousand men are all camped up at Kroran My friend is responsible for supplying food to them. He says that there is one prison which has really tight security. No one can get close to it. Lucius Huo An I’m not sure why but I’ve always liked those who’ve hated me because through our hatred Our real selves are revealed You see humans become bit more prectical as they reach their end. Now Huo An Pledge your allegiance to me and I will let you live. How can you so blind Dare to speak about truth. I’m Huo An work so hard in