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Sweet Horse Show the physician to believe that this pregnancy threatened her life, or her emotional health, mental health, family health, safety or well being. And those patients were carefully screened on the phone. And then when I got to Kansas, they had to present the story to a second doctor who’s not affiliated with the clinic and that’s not true in New Mexico. The law is different in New Mexico. So suddenly I found myself being faced with patients who didn’t have anywhere near the compelling stories that they had in Kansas. And yeah, it’s a struggle for me to figure out. Is it okay for me to say, No that’s not a good enough story, I’m not doing an abortion for you. And then this is, umm, Michelle Game Because you know, you’re really on your own out here. Trying to figure out what’s, what’s the right thing to do. What’s really helping people? Holy crow. Yeah I know Game I’m awfully sorry Game I know Game I would love to help her, I would love to help her Game Uhumm Game Because in a way, we’re sort of a court of last resort here. I mean, if won’t help somebody, they’re not gonna get an abortion. Really. Ohh God, I hated that. I would Game She’s just too far along and I can’t help her. I knew she would be. But, you know, I told her that I would, umm, talk with you, and so I did. Hi, is this Michelle? Michelle, I talked with Dr. Robinson and I’m very sorry but she’s not able to do the procedure here for you in our clinic, okay. Umm, she feels that it is just too far in the pregnancy for us to you know, to do this procedure here in this, in our office. It’s not possible to talk with her directly, unfortunately. She is in surgery this afternoon, with other patients so she is not available. And we did talk, she and I for a little while about this and she is, she’s very clear that she’s not able to do this procedure here for you, Michelle, and I am very sorry. Other than Dr. Hern in Colorado, I’m not sure that there’s anywhere else. Hmmm? Well, our clinic will go to weeks and then after that it’s strictly case by case, and up to the doctor.