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Which game is played with the keys?

mouse tuşu

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Turbo Rider, “but to be a true hero, you’ll have to save your girlfriend.” “Save me, Turbo Rider.” “Your evil plan will fail, Dr Robotor.” “I will destroy you with my Turbo Glove, the ultimate weapon against the robot threat.” “But I am no ordinary robot, I am a secret weapon. “Prepare to taste a full turbo charge of game ” Um game Hey! What’s that in your hand? It’s, um, it’s a comic book. What’s it about? It’s about Turbo Rider? That’s rad. Are you alone? Do you have any friends? Oh, do you want to play hide and seek? I, um, I gotta go. Wait! Before we go, I just have to take care of something. It’s OK, now. You don’t have to worry about me any more. I found a new friend. I’ll be fine I promise. Um game Hmm. Sir, sir? I’ve been thinking. I don’t know, do you think it’d be a better idea to keep looking for the water source, instead of, you know, fighting Zeus? Are you saying we should abandon my brother? No. No. No, but I mean, do you really think we stand a chance? Chance? Is that how you think I became a champion? A man with a good plan has already won half the battle. So what is the plan? Right now, the plan is to take a piss. Who needs chance anyways? What a cheap move. How’d I know that was gonna be you? Soon you’ll have to learn how to fix it by yourself. Here you go. Good morning! Whoa! What are you doing here? Breakfast. Wow, where did you find all this stuff? Look at all these! It’s like a museum of coolness in here. Oh, I love these, and the mixed colours. Look at that dress. I love the colour of that dress. It’s so nice. Oh, my God. There’s so many little things game Hey! Don’t touch that! Are you OK? Yeah, just, you know, you stepped in my manly bubble, thing game Oh. Did I break it? No, it’s more of a, um, an arm length, um, comfort radius zone, OK? Oh, I see. How did you find me? Oh, it’s the bracelet. Oh, great. Well, how do you get it off? Oh, you just don’t. Sit. Eat your cereal before it gets all mushy. OK, how do I know you didn’t poison this? Well, because, friends don’t poison friends. No,