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Sweet My Pony Wants to get in the mood. I sure do know where I was heading. Good evening, Miss Cameron. So nice to have you with us some more. Game How’s your father? Game Fine thanks. Mr. Amato,. Mr. Hollister when he gets up. How do you do? Can I check this for you? No thanks. I’ll just keep it with me. Montgomery. Give Miss Cameron the best table in the house. Gee, she’s pretty. Yeah. But there but there’s something phony about that fellow. He can look you straight in the eye. Good evening. One of our debs. She’s coming out next week. She may be coming out but she ain’t going any place. I know. You must know everyone. Yes. It isn’t mutual. There’s so much petty envy and jealousy in politics. People resent my father because he’s so much smarter than anyone else. I wouldn’t know. It took two fires and a cyclone to get me outta school. Please, may I have your order? Frank . Game Ever drink one. Game No. But I shot one on the courthouse lawn. It gave me an awful kick. Same idea. What’s your pleasure? Throwing eggs at an electric fan. But that’s out a season so just give me a cup a coffee. Are you being taken care of, Miss Cameron? Yes. You should feel flattered. This is Mr. Hollister’s first evening in town. And for some reason or the other, he wanted to come here. I am flattered. Pleasure or business for you, pal? Well, I couldn’t very well say I was just business. Seeing how there’s a beautiful lady present. I don’t want to keep you two boys from getting together. So if you’ll excuse me if I think I’ll put in an order for a sable coat. Going to be with us long? Maybe yes, maybe no. Depends on how long it takes me to clear up the death of a friend of mine. Suicide? That’s what the paper said. But me and the papers sort of disagree. Gambling over there? Yeah. Anybody ever win? Yes. Why you ask? Oh Johnny always won. That’s the fella I was telling you about. Yes sir. He was really lucky with the ivories. The only thing I could ever beat him at was pitching pennies. I’m gonna mosey over and see what’s going on. This is our big number in the show.