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You guard the Mostowski Palace. They’ll attack you from Muranow. Sir, lost connection with HQ. Any good news? Two German tanks destroyed. They’re bombing the hospital, Stefan’s there. But we’re going in soon. We must get him out. Perhaps game Perhaps game we’ve got orders. Yes, sir. Please. I have to go for him. Desertion is punishable by death! Dismissed! Where’s Ladybird?! Madam, I’m ready. Can I get back there? Don’t go there, miss. Stefan! Stefan! Let’s get up together. Hear me? Let’s go. Come on, get up! Hear me? People, help! They’re trapped in the basement! Please help! Look, he hardly walks. He has two hands, two legs! People, help! I’ll be back in a minute, stay put. Come on everyone! We’ve captured a German tank! A tank? But there’s no turret. No idea what it is. Excuse me, is there any vacancy? Maria! Let’s look at the tank they’ve won! I’m scared. There’s nothing to be scared of. What is this flower? For me? Just for one night! Our home’s burnt down! It’s just my brother and I! We’re not insurgents! I beg you! Try the sisters, miss. The convent is just over there. But don’t tell anyone else, please. Thank you. The tank has exploded. Excuse me. Have you seen a boy with a bandaged chest? Excuse me, I’m looking for a girl in a dress, I took her picture? How could you! You can’t just leave like that! Understand? Don’t you ever do that to me! How could you?! Don’t ever leave me! These should fit. Thank you, Sister. God bless you. That’s the thing, Sister. Where is God? Busy with something else? Why involve God in all of this? The Old Town will fall anyway. We need to run. Sure, but where? To the centre. Why are you laughing? They say the centre is like in Paris. Press, cinema game Yes, sir! At ease. We’re retreating through the sewers. Only army. You’ll have more strength, lieutenant. Captain. Do I really look that bad? Thank you. I’ll take it with me. And where are you headed? You have a lovely smile, miss. You should smile more often. What about these people here? The captain says they’re staying? We can’t fit all in the sewers