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Sweet Princess With Horse What is the red substance we put on the loved one’s lips in order to improve his appearance in the casket? Oh, God. I know this. It comes in a tube. We use it in everyday life. Put it on the lips. Oh. It’s lip… Um… No helping, Mr. Grimm. It’s lip something. I I just can’t think of the word. That’s close enough. It’s lipstick. Oh, wow. You’ve passed the test. Sam. Your turn next. I’ve got this one waxed. In the th century, in some European countries, it was against religious custom to give funeral rites to the practitioners of certain occupations. I want you to name three of those occupations and cite specific names and dates. Uh… MAN That wasn’t in the book. Street sweepers. Wrong. Winemakers. Wrong. Devilworshipers. Wrong. Actors, Mr. Grimm, people of the theater, is the correct answer. What were the other two? There weren’t any others. It was a trick question. ALL MURMURING PURCELL Dickson. What do we call the place where the bodies are put to final rest, and I’m gonna give you a hint. It often has stones and markers indicating locations of graves and the names of the deceased. Cemetery? Wonderful. At least some of us have been doing our homework. Max Grimm. What is the chemical composition of formaldehyde? And at what temperature does it vaporize? MAX Uh… TwoCH… threeOH… plusO Wrong. Miss Purcell, I think Max was right. CLASS Yeah. Well, then, in which hand do I hold the eraser? How the hell should I know? The left one. Wrong. I don’t have an eraser. You’ve failed the test. ALL MURMUR SIREN BLARING Emergency! Emergency! Helen, Helen, Helen. I’m sorry to interrupt, Miss Purcell, but there’s an urgent message for Miss Valerie. Oh, that’s all right. I’ve finished anyway. Class is dismissed. What is it? You’re wanted at home right away. I hope it’s nothing serious. The test results will be posted at . Mary! Paul. Mary, where’s the Levenstein body? What did you do with it? I gave it to Abbott for his cremation project. The ashes will be ready in five days. You’ve gotta stop him. The Levensteins have changed their mind.